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Vivian French

Oliver’s Vegetables

Written by: Vivian French

Illustrated by: Alison Bartlett

Oliver won’t eat anything except chips. But, when he goes to stay with his grandparents, Oliver has to strike a bargain. If he can find the potatoes in his grandfather’s vegetable garden, Oliver can have chips. But he must eat all the other vegetables he finds during the hunt.

This is an excellent book for parents with children who are fussy eaters. It also introduces the days of the week. Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won’t eat anything else – until he plays a game with his grandpa. Whatever vegetable Oliver finds in the garden, he must eat. On Monday, he pulls up carrots, on Tuesday, it is spinach . . . Part of a bestselling series that has sold over 200,000 copies in the UK and export alone. Other titles in this series include Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Oliver’s Milkshake.

Now available for Kindle

You can buy this book from your usual bookseller, or borrow it from a library. If you’d like to buy a signed copy, you can do so through Viv’s local bookshop – The Edinburgh Bookshop. You can email them here.


Published by: Hodder (3 August 1995)
ISBN: 0340634790

Format: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books (17 Dec 2012)
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0531071049