Vivian's agents are Lindsey Fraser and Kathryn Ross.


Vivian French

“Everyone is a writer!” – Author Vivian French visits Bells Farm

January 27, 2015

Bells Farm were privileged to welcome the author Vivian French to school on Monday (26th January).

She spent quite a while talking to the whole of KS2 about how she writes her books.

Did you know she was not very good at writing when she was at school? She was VERY good at something else though… talking!

As she was good at talking she later became an actress and then a story teller, that is how she then fell into writing. She met another author who encouraged her to write stories… and so it began.

Vivian gave a lot of very useful tips! She said writing a plan was very helpful and that editing work was essential. Vivian once wrote a book and then deleted it all to start again because her editor said she could really needed work on it. Vivian said it was the most important part of writing a story- re-writing parts that needed improving. There is a lesson to be learnt there for us all.

Vivian was hugely impressed with the questions that were being asked, so well done all those children that asked one.

Vivian’s favourite book at the moment is Robe of Skulls and probably the trickiest one to write as it had so many characters and she had to make sure they were in the right place at the right time.

Vivian’s favourite question was from Chelsea in Year 4 – “On a scale of 1-10, how good would you say you were at writing descriptions?”

Vivian was very impressed! I am not sure her answer was what everyone expected…2! Yes 2! She said she is not very good at descriptions and that is why she finds other ways to make her writing interesting.

KS1 were impressed when Vivian told them all about her books on Oliver. She saw the display of their work in the library too and was very pleased with all the work they had done.

It was lovely to have Vivian sign bought copies of her books too.

Let’s hope Bells Farm are inspired to write! Remember what Vivian said…everyone is a writer.