Vivian's agents are Lindsey Fraser and Kathryn Ross.


The Story House

Written by: Vivian French

Illustrated by: Selina Young

Mum and Julius, Tia and Tim the twins, Jason, Daisy B, Ross and Grannie Annie all live in the house full of stories. So do their pets: dogs, cats, Roly the rat, goldfish and gerbils abound. Little Ghost and Big Ghost live there too. Every week Little Ghost flits in to see Big Ghost and to hear a new story about what’s been going on. Some of the stories are about the family and their daily lives and some are about the other inhabitants of the story house – the mice who live under the floorboards, the creepy-crawlies in the garden and the toys that come alive at night. There is also the ‘kitten with no name’ who finds out just who he is by the end of the book.


Published by: Orion Publishing
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1858816459
Age groups: 5-8
Categories: Short Stories
Languages: English
Themes: Family, Friendship, Mystery